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Despite the annual tune-ups, there’s just no telling when or how your AC unity might give in. The last thing you’d want during a heat spell is for your air conditioning to stop working, exposing you to the scorching summer temperatures of Miami Gardens, FL. The next thing you know, you find your mind filled with a dozen different questions: Is it going to be a small repair? How big is the bill going to be? How long should I wait in this sweltering heat before someone shows up? Who do I call?

Miami Gardens AC Services has got an answer to all your questions. You don’t have to call a dozen different companies hoping to find someone who can fix your problematic air conditioning, because all you need to do is call 786-549-1861. Available 24/7, and being a leading provider of commercial and residential AC repair solutions - there’s just no problem we can’t handle and no AC we can’t fix.

Repair vs. replacement: What do I need?

It might seem simple to toss away your malfunctioning air conditioning and get a new one, but on the monetary front, it’s going to make a dent in your savings. The average life span of your conditioner ranges anywhere between 10 to 15 years, and a replacement before that is unwarranted, except in cases where you need an upgrade. In fact, with proper usage and regular upkeep you can avoid unnecessary repairs and extend the life of the system. So, if a technician tells you that your relatively new AC unit is far too gone to be saved, don’t believe him – because there’s always a way to fix it. Ask us!

A company you can trust:

We know how hard it can be to find an AC service that won’t suggest unnecessary repairs or trick you into believing that a perfectly good component needs a replacement. To you, honest workmen might seem like a rare breed, but to us, integrity is all that matters! You’ll never find us engaging in cheap money-minting tactics like upselling unnecessary products or levying a list of hidden charges you were never even aware of – that is not how we work! We put our work ethic on a pedestal, and there’s nothing that holds greater ground that that.

We’ve everything WE need & everything YOU need:

An untrained technician may take one look at your air conditioner and declare it dead beyond repair. Show it to us, and we’ll almost always find a way to fix it – that’s how technically proficient we are! Loaded with state-of-the-art tools and up-to-date with the knowledge of the latest HVAC systems, we can figure out a way to get your AC unit working again. And, there’s no need to worry about finding replacement parts for your unit. Whether it’s an oversized centralized AC or a decade old window air conditioner, Miami Gardens AC Services’s inventory is stocked to the brim with quality replacement parts from all the leading manufacturers.

What we do?

  • Miami Gardens AC Services Miami Gardens, FL 786-549-1861Repair failed compressors
  • Fix faulty condenser
  • Replace clogged air filters
  • Clean up air ducts
  • Refrigerant charging
  • Fixing refrigerant leaks
  • Repairing broken compressor fan
  • Defreeze frozen condenser coils

Remember, if there’s a problem with your air conditioning, there’s always a solution! Find reliable, quality and affordable repair solutions in Miami Gardens, FL area by calling 786-549-1861 now!