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Did you know? Unknown to you, you might be inhaling a heavy load of bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants in every breath you take. The indoor air quality of homes/offices in Miami Gardens, FL can be quite poor. The air might ‘smell’ fresh, but that is no indicator to the quality of air you’re breathing in. As a result, there’s a direct impact on health, especially amongst those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Poor air quality in a work environment can also have an impact on productivity, resulting in decreased employee satisfaction and more sick days. Do NOT ignore it. Instead, take necessary measures to keep the air quality in check.

I have an AC installed. Why should I worry about air quality?

Yes, you probably have an air conditioning system working non-stop to recirculate the air, but there’s a chance unwanted biological organisms or mold starts growing in the ducts. In addition, AC ducts collect particulate matter like dust, dirt, pollen, dander, cooking odors and allergens which can accumulate over time and in consequence pollute your indoor air. Also, the insulation that’s designed to achieve energy efficiency works to keep the stale air in, which means that every time you switch on your HVAC, contaminated air circulates throughout your property. So, technically, there’s not much the air conditioning alone can do to keep the air fresh and healthy.

That’s why you need professional assistance from AC service companies such as Miami Gardens AC Services. Call 786-549-1861 and we’ll do everything it takes to ensure pristine air quality within your home. We’re highly sought-after amongst residential and commercial clients for our strategically-devised indoor air quality improvement solutions, and have helped keep up the health of countless homes, offices, retail spaces, condos, among others.

Cleaning service to keep your air clean!

Keeping your air clean, fresh, breathable and devoid of harmful pollutants is important – and we, at Miami Gardens AC Services, take it seriously. We’ll inspect your AC unit to find build up of contaminants, and thoroughly clean all your ductwork, system pieces like the coils, humidifiers, fans, drain pans and change the air filters or unclog them as necessary. A through cleanup can go a long way in ridding your property of accumulated contaminants and freshens up the air.

Installing the right air quality products:

In addition to keeping your AC system clean and spotless, there are several other products you can install to take the indoor air quality from ‘okay’ to ‘pure’. However, finding the right products for your needs is not an easy choice, because there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to it. You need an expert to evaluate your needs taking factors such as the insulation, circulation and humidity levels in your property into consideration. At Miami Gardens AC Services, we’ve stocked up on a wide range of air quality improvement products in line with the latest technological advancements and can give you the expert consultation needed to find the perfect match for your property.Miami Gardens AC Services Miami Gardens, FL 786-549-1861

Some of our products include:

  • Customized air filters
  • Advanced air purifier systems
  • UV lights to curb microbial growth
  • PHI cell UV lights
  • REME lights
  • Electronic air cleaners

Your health, your safety and your comfort is at stake!  Don’t sideline it! Avail air quality improvement services in Miami Gardens, FL area from us today by dialing 786-549-1861.