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For the most part, the warm, sunny weather, the mild winters and the occasional downpours in Miami Gardens, FL are pleasant. But the transition seasons in between can either leave you sweltering under the heat or reaching for your blankets. At times when the heat or cold becomes too unbearable, what do you do? Simple, you switch on the air conditioning.

Why do you need our services?

Miami Gardens AC Services Miami Gardens, FL 786-549-1861Every mechanical component, and yes, that includes your HVAC has a limited life span. It might work without a hitch during the initial phases, but may start throwing tantrums at a later point. Imagine one fine day you find your home converted to an extra-large oven, just because your air conditioning refuses to work. Sounds nightmarish? It is! Thankfully, with Miami Gardens AC Services by your side, you’ll never have to give up on your comfort. With a 24/7 helpline – 786-549-1861 - our services are geared towards repairing dysfunctional systems, replacing components and periodic maintenance that promise to keep your air conditioning in trim condition, at all times.

We cater to:

Residential sector:

Whether you own a stand-alone home or a condo, there’s one thing that every residential space, of all shapes and sizes, has in common: and that’s air conditioning. So, when it goes defunct or you’re long overdue on a maintenance check, ring us up and we’ll be there.

Commercial sector:

The HVAC systems used in commercial spaces are remarkably complex – and there’s no way the local repairman in Miami Gardens, FL knows how to handle it! But Miami Gardens AC Services can! Whether your AC stops working on a productive day, or whether you’re looking for overnight installation in your high-rise office, we can do it!

Explore our range of services and hire your personal AC specialist by dialing 786-549-1861!

New AC Installation

You’ve just spent a huge wad of cash on ordering a brand new, ultra-modern air conditioning system. Yet, when it comes to hiring someone to install it, you find yourself struggling to loosen your purse strings. You might be the DIY kind of person, and to you, AC installation might just be another job you think you can read off a manual or the internet – but trust us, it’s not that simple! It’s best to leave the job to professionals, because there’s a 9 in 10 chance that you’ll end up making mistakes along the way. Click to read more...

AC Repair

Despite the annual tune-ups, there’s just no telling when or how your AC unity might give in. The last thing you’d want during a heat spell is for your air conditioning to stop working, exposing you to the scorching summer temperatures of Miami Gardens, FL. The next thing you know, you find your mind filled with a dozen different questions: Is it going to be a small repair? How big is the bill going to be? How long should I wait in this sweltering heat before someone shows up? Who do I call? Click to read more...

AC Maintenance

Let’s face it; in Miami Gardens, FL area, we all push our AC units hard, subjecting them to continuous use for at least six months a year, perhaps even more. While advancements in technology have added longevity to virtually every product that still doesn’t mean it’s going to last forever. In fact, air conditioning units have a very short life expectancy of around 10 – 15 years, which is again influenced by various factors such as the run-time, its proximity to corrosive contaminants and how well the system has been maintained. Click to read more...

Indoor Air Quality

Did you know? Unknown to you, you might be inhaling a heavy load of bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants in every breath you take. The indoor air quality of homes/offices in Miami Gardens, FL can be quite poor. The air might ‘smell’ fresh, but that is no indicator to the quality of air you’re breathing in. As a result, there’s a direct impact on health, especially amongst those who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Poor air quality in a work environment can also have an impact on productivity, resulting in decreased employee satisfaction and more sick days. Do NOT ignore it. Instead, take necessary measures to keep the air quality in check. Click to read more...

Commercial HVAC System

Imagine you’re at work. It’s a hot, searing day in Miami Gardens, FL and the air conditioning in your office goes out. On top of that, you have to get through the 8-hour work day cooped up in your cubicle. Everyone’s breaking a sweat, and no one is able to get any work done. Sounds nightmarish, doesn’t it?  As a business owner, you stand to lose out on productive work hours and postpone all your client meetings - all because the AC went bust, which underlines just how important these systems are in maintaining a comfortable workplace. Installing the wrong system or improper maintenance can land you in trouble, which is why; it’s always advisable to never make compromises when it comes to your commercial AC needs. Click to read more...

Emergency AC Service

On a hot summer evening, you look forward to nothing more than a cool sip of water and being back in the cozy, cool comfort of your home. To your dismay, your air conditioning refuses to work, leaving you at the mercy of the scorching temperatures in Miami Gardens, FL area. You reach for your phone, but remember that it’s now past nine and the likelihood of your local AC repair firm being open was next to nil. So, what do you do? Do you wait it out until the shop opens?  Or do you call a 24/7 emergency service? If you choose the former, you’re likely to suffer the grueling temperatures for hours before help arrives, and if you choose the latter, you’ll find immediate relief, but risk emptying your wallets on the overpriced service. Click to read more...

Residential AC Service

At the end of a hectic work day, you look forward to a refreshing drink, the cozy comfort of your home and a good night’s sleep. So, imagine how frustrated you would be when you come home one fine evening to discover that your AC isn’t working. Trust us, you won’t be the first one to experience it and you certainly won’t be the last. At Miami Gardens AC Services, we receive hundreds of calls from distressed customers reporting problems with their AC, ranging from inadequate cooling, to excessive noise, to complete breakdowns. Click to read more...