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You’ve just spent a huge wad of cash on ordering a brand new, ultra-modern air conditioning system. Yet, when it comes to hiring someone to install it, you find yourself struggling to loosen your purse strings. You might be the DIY kind of person, and to you, AC installation might just be another job you think you can read off a manual or the internet – but trust us, it’s not that simple! It’s best to leave the job to professionals, because there’s a 9 in 10 chance that you’ll end up making mistakes along the way.

Save yourself the trouble, and rope in Miami Gardens AC Services – a leading AC service company that extends its installation services to both residential and commercial spaces in the Miami Gardens, FL region. All it takes is one phone call to 786-549-1861 to get your new AC installed at a price that’s right within your budget.

Why hire our professionals?

  • Time-saving:
    It might take hours for you to figure out where everything goes and even longer to set it up – despite that, you might still mess something up.  A professional, on the other hand, knows exactly how to work it out and can get the new AC running in no time, so you can find respite from the scorching heat.
  • Proper installation:
    To state the facts, over 50% of your money spent on heating/cooling goes into addressing the inefficiencies arising out of poor installation, improper unit placement and lack of insulation. Our installation experts know exactly how to set it up, so it works at its optimal efficiency.
  • Warranty concerns:
    Hiring a local vendor or doing the installation yourself, may, in some cases, render the warranty null and void. Miami Gardens AC Services has allied with major brands and getting it installed from our technician will give you complete peace of mind, since manufacturer’s warranty will protect you in case the unit fails or malfunctions.
  • All-time availability:
    Weekends and post-business hours, might be the only times you’re available at home to oversee the installation – but that’s the time most AC service firms are unavailable. Don’t worry, our professionals are available 24/7 and we can carry out the installation, even if you all us at 10 pm.

Finding the right HVAC for your needs:

When it comes to finding the right air conditioning system for your home/office, you can only wish that it were as simple as browsing a catalog and making a pick. There are just too many options, and there’s always a chance that you might make a pick that’s lacking or sheer overkill. Added to that, SEER rating, tonnage, ductless, variable-speed blowers, smart thermostats and other the industry-related technical terminology might overwhelm you when it comes to making a choice. Leave the decision-making part to us, because we know what will work for you and what won’t!

We leverage on our decades’ worth of experience to provide unbiased recommendations with no ulterior motives, factoring in your space, needs and budget.

Types of air conditioning systems we can install:

  • Miami Gardens AC Services Miami Gardens, FL 786-549-1861Central air conditioning Split AC
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioning
  • Window air conditioner
  • Hybrid variants
  • Portable ACs
  • Packaged AC systems
  • GeoThermal systems

Getting an AC installed? Do it the right way! Hire professionals in Miami Gardens, FL area now by dialing 786-549-1861!